Signing Angels Fraternity


Reach, Touch and Serve the Poor in the Deaf Community.

The pink and blue represent female and male angels. These Angels are to carry the heart of RC Deaf Missions Malaysia in their hearts, and in the palms of their signing serving hands.

To become little interpreters to help counter the dire shortage of interpreters in Malaysia. If not that, a Signing Angel can be a great complement as a support buddy for Deaf individuals. Signing Angels can be involved in doing small, small signing roles in diverse several areas.


Unfortunately in Malaysia, the ratio of Deaf people to BIM interpreter is 5000 : 1. That is 5000 Deaf people to 1 Interpreter. The need it mighty-big! 

SAF BATCH 1 (2017)

The Signing Angels Fraternity was first launched in September 2017. Signing Angels pledged a minimum of 50 hours of service or 6 assignments (8.5 hours each).

We were blessed to have graduands of our BIM courses who are in various professional fields (including medical, legal and education) to be the first batch of Signing Angels.


SAF BATCH 2 (2018)

After Batch 1 graduated, Batch 2 was installed. We are continuously blessed to have a group of dedicated professionals striving to improve their sign language (BIM) and interpreting skills by doing small interpreting projects.


To be part of the Signing Angels Fraternity (SAF), one must first pass the Level 2 BIM Course of RCDM and must be willing to commit a minimum of 50 hours a year in service to the poor Deaf community.


Some benefits Signing Angels will have are:

  • Discounts for BIM workshops/courses
  • Discounts on meals on event days held at the cafe
  • Training and mentoring on how to maintain communication with the Deaf

SAF BATCH 3 (2019)

We have reached yet, another milestone as we graduated Batch 2 of SAF and installed Batch 3 on the 28th of September in lieu with International Day of Sign Languages (IDSL). 

We wish this new team of angels all the best and God bless them as they seek to reach and touch the poor in the Deaf community.

From left: Melina (Deaf mentor), Jun Haw, Agnes Peter (director of RCDM), Kimberly (Deaf mentor/aid), Calysta,
Xiang Ai, Rajes, Pamela, Ammar.