Level 3 is an ideal channel of learning for individuals who are leaning towards enhancing their skills and knowledge to be more effective in their service to the Deaf community. This Course takes individuals into a deep dive of information, tools and application of these entities into their service and interaction with the Deaf community.

It is expected that individuals intending to take up Level 3 should have prerequisites of a good foundation of Levels 1 and 2 (knowledge and application) (covering a 500 vocabulary of signs – achievable in these 2 levels).

If the period between graduation of Level 2 Course and Day 1 of Level 3 is a long lag period of at least 6 months, it would be ideal for those registering to have engaged in as many interactions in Deaf events to keep themselves abreast and updated as possible during those 6 months. If no Deaf exposure with the Deaf community (6 months) had transpired, candidates are strongly recommended to invest in a short revision of Level 2.

Level 3 intakes are dependent on the response of Level 2 graduands. Please refer to your respective teachers for further information on class intakes.