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So you’re here because you want to know more about our Sign Language Courses. If you have minimal to zero knowledge of Sign Language, we suggest that you start with LEVEL 1. Click on the following links down below to register.

Sign Language Course – LEVEL 1

Sign Language Course – LEVEL 2

Sign Language Course – LEVEL 3


We also conduct school holiday programmes for children or all ages. If you are a parent/aunt/uncle who thinks that your children/nieces/nephews may be interested in picking up Sign Language, click on the links below to know more about our school holiday programmes for kids.

Kids aged 7 – 13
Kids’ Sign Language Workshop 

Infants to kids aged 6
Sign Language for Babies, Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers


But what is Sign Language?

Briefly, Sign Language is visual language, a means of communicating using hand gestures, facial expressions, and body language. This language is used by people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.



1. Is this a ASL Course?
We are teaching Malaysian Sign Language (Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia). (BIM has ASL origins but BIM and ASL aren’t the same). In this Malaysian site http://www.selinawing.com/2012/09/interested-to-learn-malaysian-sign.html,  we are listed as one of the institutions offering BIM Courses. The Course is conducted by Deaf Instructors who have been trained and certified qualified.

2BIM? Means your Course is in Bahasa Malaysia?
No. We use English Language for our presentations as all of our students use English language for casual, and business communication, and we have foreigners and expatriates joining our Courses who are conversant in the English language.

3Is Sign Language Universal? No it isn’t. There are about 300 sign languages in the world.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_sign_languages. This is a helpful site which also shows you where the sign origins may have come from for each country.

4. I am not Deaf. Can I enroll for your Courses? 
Yes. These Courses are primarily for the hearing and speaking community.

5. Can Deaf join your Courses? Yes of course. We have had Deaf individuals join our Courses over the years. However, we will have to assess together with them, if joining these group classes is the right option for them.

6. I want to enrol my family member (who is Deaf) for your Course. I would like to sit / accompany him/her. Do I need to pay?  We do not allow accompanying arrangements. Anyone coming to our Course will need to pay as a student.

7. deaf vs Deaf. What is this big D and small d?  We will share more of this in the Course.

8. Misconception: There is only one sign language. You may find insights here helpful.  https://www.signingsavvy.com/blog/54/Misconception%3A+There+is+only+one+sign+language

9. Sign Language and Spoken Language. Sign language is not pantomime or a simple gestural code representing the surrounding spoken language. It is not an international language, but there are universal features in sign languages. This helps to make it possible for users of different sign languages to understand one another far more quickly than users of unrelated spoken languages can. This has been called International Sign or Gestuno. https://wfdeaf.org/human-rights/crpd/sign-language 

10. What’s this thing called “Deaf Culture”? There are several accessible sites on the internet that provide some information. Here’s one reference to share. https://wfdeaf.org/our-work/focus-areas/deaf-culture.

11. What one should know about sign language regardless of which country they are in
There are 7 things mentioned in this link.(http://mentalfloss.com/article/13107/7-things-you-should-know-about-sign-language).

12. Is there any pre orientation before the Course starts? Yes. That will be the first session in which we will introduce the full team, give some background on RC Deaf Missions Malaysia, touch briefly on topics we will cover in our courses – VGC (Visual Gesture Communication) and Deaf Culture.

13. How many classes, times and what do you cover in your Levels 1 – 3 Courses / Course Fees. Information is in our website.

14. What if I miss 1 or 2 classes? How can I make up for the missed classes? Please discuss this with your Deaf Instructors and take their recommendations on what you will need to do. Please understand that the Course fee is for the scheduled classes. Replacement classes are chargeable and will only be conducted for groups of a minimum of 3 pax.

15. Do you have weekday classes?  Yes we offer weekday night classes.

16. Can I have 1-1 Class? We do not encourage / advise this. For 2 reasons, it will cost the individual 3 times the regular Course fee in order to cover the Deaf Tutor’s livelihood salary and expenses and RCDM’s operating expenses.

17. Where are your classes held? At the RC Deaf Missions’ premises. Please look for our venue details under Contact Us.

18. Do you organise group classes (mainly catering currently for workshop style sessions (2 hour duration) outside of your premises? Yes. 20 pax is the minimum.