Let’s Sign comprises of 300 fundamental sign-words (sords) of the Malayisan Sign Language also known as Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM). This book also¬†briefly describes Deaf culture for basic communication. It introduces Deaf norms and traditions, the importance of facial expressions and gestures in BIM. Its highlights include Deaf people’s perspectives in Voices of the Deaf.


This book contains sords (sign-words) in medical, legal, educational and environmental fields to boost the reader’s BIM vocabulary. Sign-i-ficance is a guide to enhancing communication in BIM including simple sentence construction exercises, quizzes and covering the components of BIM.
Sign-i-ficance also addresses deep questions on Deafhood, identity crisis, language dilemma, Deaf advocacy and empowerment Рchapters that are written by members of the Deaf community. It also contains Deaf advocacy and empowerment messages from people whom have interacted and worked alongside the Deaf.