Independent Living Skills

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Independent Living Skills Programme (ILS) for the Deaf. This programme is designed to help the Deaf build confidence, and groom them to extend their abilities to mix within the society. Topics we cover -Personal, Financial, Hygiene and Discipline Management. This project will add value in equipping Deaf individuals to be more aware of their potentials, and prepare them to integrate in the hearing community. It will prepare them to deal with basic but important things via knowledge and exposure programmes and which can include among other things – taking the public transportation, safety guidance, and shopping wisely.

  • Designed to help Deaf people help themselves
  • Developing skills and abilities
  • Confìdence building
  • Extending ability to mix within the wider community
We have successfully conducted customised ILS programmes in 5 Deaf schools (covering about 500 Deaf students), and Deaf individuals (children, teens, adults – on a needs basis)
Sessions we cover (classroom setting):
  1. Personal Management – 3 hrs
  2. Responsibility for oneself and others – 2 hrs
  3. Hygiene, health and sexuality –  2 hrs
  4. Financial : money management (saving and budgeting) – 2 hrs
  5. Personal hygiene and health – 2 hrs
  6. Goal setting – 2 hrs
  7. Information on OKU benefits and Deaf organisations in Malaysia (knowledge building) – 2 hrs
Optional :One practical exposure (outdoor activity) related to the ILS topics