We offer professional consultancy services for case by case basis – cases involving the Deaf.

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Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting

 Class of 2015

A message from the co-founder, Agnes Peter

Dear everyone, I am the Co-Founder of RC Deaf Missions Malaysia. I am a certified sign language interpreter and I also received a Certificate of Merit from PAIDE (Philippine Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment). Prior to launching the Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting (2012 – 2013), I had invested about 3 years of research to find out what was available in this country for interpreter skill enhancement. There was nothing openly available that would work out for interpreters freelancing and hold full time jobs. After 3 years of research, finding nothing tangible, I researched for a suitable programme outside of Malaysia that had Asian elements, a training structured programme that would combine the flavour of local Malaysian Deaf. This is a privately run programme. RC Deaf Missions Malaysia is officially linked up with a credible agency in Philippines that successfully graduated more than 100 interpreters in its life time, and they continue to graduate more. Those who enroll for this Diploma pay for their education themselves. The main purpose is to help these individuals perform much better in their interpreting skills. I ask folks out there to pay attention to this Wake Up Call. We are in a critical stage in this era where there is clearly a shortage of skilled interpreters both at Govt, and in private sector (and this includes NGOs, etc). So if you take up this Diploma programme, it is your choice, for your betterment and skill. The primary goal is the Deaf, that we can give good interpreting service to the Deaf.

About RC Deaf Missions Malaysia
  1. We are a legally registered Company in Malaysia.
  2. We have incorporated into our Memorandum and Articles of Association, the necessary clauses that tell the public we are legally running this programe.
  3. In the specified clause, we mention our official linkage with Philippine Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment for Diploma and any customised Degree related programmes organised by RC Deaf Missions Malaysia.
  4. PAIDE is an Association and has a track record of having graduated 72 interpreters since it’s inception.
  5. Our Evaluating Team comprises a combination of hearing and Deaf Evaluators.

You may also be keen to know that on June 10, 2011, I met with the late Dean (Encik Salehuddin) of Education at International University College Of Technology Twintech and introduced to him the CEO of PAIDE (Jun Celada). It was a very engaging conversation as I was interested to get more accurate information on the Diploma programme being run at the University. At the time, they were offering Diploma in Sign Language studies. A 2 year full time programme (it wasn’t something that would help freelancers with full time jobs). No part time was offered at the time and this was more a pilot venture (not open to the public). With his passing, the faculty for this particular area of specialisation had shut down. It has remained shut down since then. There is some mention of the late Dean Allahyarham Encik Sallehuddin (former Dean; Faculty of Education) Encik Ghadzalli (former Registrar) who passed away in 2012. Currently, to our knowledge and in a call today (Wed May 3, 2017) with MQA, it is confirmed that there is NO Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting running at the International University College Of Technology Twintech.

RC Deaf Missions Malaysia and Philippines Association of Interpreters for Deaf Empowerment

This Diploma Programme will:

  1. SIGNIFICANTLY enhance your expressive and voice interpreting skills
  2. SIGNIFICANTLY upgrade your knowledge on interpreter issues

Contact us if you fall under any of these categories:

  1. Interpreters with some or no formal training
  2. Active signers transitioning to interpreters
  3. Deaf wanting to be interpreters
  4. Sign Language Students seriously considering this profession

Please do not hesitate to contact us at

Mobile / Whatsapp +6011 1237 9920


Diploma Programme duration
1.5 years which consists of 5 full weekend workshops.
Pre-requisites :
  1. The candidate should have ideally completed Levels 1, 2 and 3 under our Sign Language Programmes. Any additional workshops/courses attended under our programmes will be advantageous.
  2. Active involvement with the Deaf – interpreting / community projects
  3. Information of workshops / seminars /trainings attended
  4. Recommendation / support letter from organisation you serve
Introductory Session
You will be required to come to an Introductory session in which the full information will be provided on the programme content.
Diploma Course Fees : RM8000 (note that exam fees, and other administration fees are separate).  Pre assessment fees forms part of the Diplome fees.
Pre assessment
The candidate will be required to undergo a pre assessment. Pre assessment fees : RM800 (non refundable).
Eligibility for enrolment
Upon completion of the pre assessment, the candidate will be informed if he/she is eligible to enroll for the Diploma programme. Balance of RM7200 fees is to be paid under an easy payment scheme over a 12 month period. Final assessment, and other administrative costs information will be conveyed directly to the candidate.

Interview and Pre Assessment 
To be advised

Diploma Start Date
To be advised


Sign Language Course

Encountered Deaf individuals before and you didn’t know how to communicate with them? You have friends or relatives who are Deaf, you have always wanted to talk to them but you couldn’t? Then our Sign Language course is the best solution for your predicament. Learn basic Sign Language and move up the ladder to being fluent and abled to communicate with the Deaf.

Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Skills Programme (ILS) for the Deaf. This programme is designed to help the Deaf build confidence, and groom them to extend their abilities to mix within the society. Topics we cover -Personal, Financial, Hygiene and Discipline Management. This project will add value in equipping Deaf individuals to be more aware of their potentials, and prepare them to integrate in the hearing community. It will prepare them to deal with basic but important things via knowledge and exposure programmes and which can include among other things – taking the public transportation, safety guidance, and shopping wisely.

  • Designed to help Deaf people help themselves
  • Developing skills and abilities
  • Confìdence building
  • Extending ability to mix within the wider community
We have successfully conducted customised ILS programmes in 5 Deaf schools (covering about 500 Deaf students), and Deaf individuals (children, teens, adults – on a needs basis)
Sessions we cover (classroom setting):
  1. Personal Management – 3 hrs
  2. Responsibility for oneself and others – 2 hrs
  3. Hygiene, health and sexuality –  2 hrs
  4. Financial : money management (saving and budgeting) – 2 hrs
  5. Personal hygiene and health – 2 hrs
  6. Goal setting – 2 hrs
  7. Information on OKU benefits and Deaf organisations in Malaysia (knowledge building) – 2 hrs
Optional :One practical exposure (outdoor activity) related to the ILS topics