We were with the kids of Smart Little Beans, Bukit Jalil from 28-29 August 2017. We had such an amazing time teaching the kids the basics of Sign Language. One thing special that sparked curiosity in us is Sampson, who was born deaf and has a cochlear implant on his right ear.

He can now hear a little bit in his right ear. Children like Sampson are not disabled, only different.

It was very heart-warming to see his fellow friends in the learning center pick up Sign Language. Children pick up Sign Language really fast! They could fingerspell iconic figures when they had just learned the alphabets for 20 minutes on the first day!

Brian fingerspelling Santa Claus.

Yao fingerspelling Mickey Mouse.










The parents of these children were also extremely supportive of our work that they bought plenty of merchandise from our booth set up at the front of the center.

We’d like to thank Eileen for inviting us to conduct this workshop and for such excellent marketing on our behalf, we are just blown away! Enjoy these photos of games and activities that we did during the workshop.


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If you are interested to conduct a Kids’ Sign Language Workshop at your learning center, feel free to contact us via email at rcdeafmissionsmalaysia@gmail.com